How to Set and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Did you know, that the most successful achievers practice autonomy, the capacity to direct our own lives? That’s why it is so important to make sure you are setting your goals for yourself and not for others. You might decide to lose weight because the doctor told you to, but there is no momentum to it if you don’t “buy in” to the process.  

Your goal must motivate you to control your own life. You must also believe that you can.  Yes, you can control this part of your life.  Actually, your nutrition intake, your exercise, and your lifestyle are things you can exert a lot of control over. So do it! What are you waiting for?  No one can do it for you, but someone can help you. We are here to support you, help you make better choices to help yourselves, and help provide some clarity with all the info thrown in your direction.  
Quick Tips to pick up and move forward:

  • Find out WHY. Why are you doing what you do?  When we make a decision based on a strong why, we own it. 
  • Be CHANGE.  No one can do it for you. No one. Only You!
  • ACTION. We are what we do, not what we talk about.  So go, do!
  • COMMIT. “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” — Kenneth Blanchard
  • MOTIVATE. True motivation is intrinsic. Hold on to true intrinsic values for rewards instead of external rewards.  For example, feeling good about your accomplishments is much more rewarding than telling yourself that you can go shopping if you do this.

Once you set goals that are meaningful to you, let us help you reach them. Come in for a free body composition test. The key to measuring progress is understanding where you are starting from. Then, we can help you create an action plan to realize your goals.