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Let us help you live fully by guiding your lifestyle, teaching you to move correctly, and educating you on how to break the all or nothing mentality for long-term change. With over 3 decades and thousands of training hours between us we recognize everybody is a different body with distinct circumstances that require a personalized approach.

join the inner circle

What is the Inner Circle? We are a community of individuals who care about our health, fitness and nutrition. We train at Full Circle Fitness, understand that doing something is better than nothing at all, and we are commited to our goals. 

the comfort of a private environment

Training at Full Circle Fitness is a unique experience. It’s private and allows for a focus on training that helps you achieve results. 

individualized attention

Full Circle offers a diverse selection of San Diego’s most educated and experienced trainers. Our coaches provide life-changing training by addressing the needs of a person as a whole (beyond their body) and thoroughly assessing every aspect of a client’s health. We design integrated programs, based on the latest health and fitness science, which draw upon the full set of professionals at Full Circle to achieve remarkable results.

Session lengths available in 50-60 minute workouts or 30 minute workouts for clients looking for more budget- and time-friendly programs.


Looking for a more self-sufficient, hands off approach to your training? Let a Full Circle trainer take you through a full body assessment, including testing for functional and structural imbalances, postural deviations, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. Then based on this assessment, as well as your goals and health history, your trainer will design an individualized 6 week workout program for you, teaching you your program as well as your lifestyle alterations over 2 one hour teaching sessions. You will walk away with a fully documented program (including pictures and/or videos of each exercise) which you can follow for the next 6 weeks. 

nutrition + fuel

Exercise and movement is a small part of healthy living and we want to help clients from all aspects. That is why we have a group of Full Circle Trainers that also address nutritional needs. With their nutritional degrees and holistic coaching certifications, our trainers will assist you in your goal of eating right. 


Join the Inner Circle and begin the journey of achieving
the best you possible!

individual sessions

Individual training sessions with Josh or Derek.



other programs

We offer a range of programs to meet our clients’ needs – partner training, group classes, and 30-minute sessions.

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