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Master Trainer

BS-Kiniseology, C.H.E.K Practitioner ll, C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach ll, N.A.S.M – OPT, N.A.S.M – SFS, N.S.C.A – CPT, USAW Level l Sports Performance Coach

I love leading a physically active lifestyle, one that provides a healthy sense of well-being, a positive attitude, and a commitment to consistency. With over 15 years of fitness coaching experience, I’ve come across a lot of different people, all with different needs, and with different understanding of what and how things should be done. As many professionals try and tell you their method is the best, I’ve been able to navigate through all the dogmatic practices with fitness and nutrition and keep things simple with clients. 

I believe that fitness, wellbeing, and health is a longevity game. Who can show up the most consistent for the longest period of time is going to be the successor. I not only love the fitness coaching aspect, but I also love learning about people on the individual level. I love to see what makes them tick, and learn what purpose they bring to this life. Being able to support people go after their dreams is as good as it gets in my book, so let’s move forward together, and let the light of love guide us to our next higher self. 

josh Maness

Master Trainer

BA-Psychology, C.H.E.K Practitioner ll, C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach ll, N.A.S.M – OPT, N.A.S.M – SFS, N.S.C.A – CPT, USAW Level l Sports Performance Coach

Movement is my meditation…It’s a time I can escape my everyday demands and be with myself. A time to learn and experience who I am and the potential I possess. As a fitness coach of over 15 years I have gone down many paths and experienced fitness through a multitude of viewpoints. I’ve tried the fad diets, counted calories, bought supplements, worked harder, struggled with consistency, bulked up, leaned out, and experienced the frustration that many of my clients experience. It took all of those experiences to bring me where I am today, where I always wanted to be. A place of ease and enjoyment of my movement routine and relationship with food.

Being healthy, fit, and feeling great doesn’t and shouldn’t be an exhaustive process requiring the latest fad diet or extreme bouts of exercise that leave you feeling too fatigued to actually enjoy life. There is a better, more balanced way to approach your health. 

My goal is to provide the clients I work with the knowledge and tools to experience their best self. 

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