Sticking to the Plan

You set your goals. Created your action plan. You kicked it into high gear.

Maybe you killed it, nailed all your goals and are ready to make new ones.  
Maybe not. Maybe your goals went by the wayside. Life sometimes has a funny way of pulling us away from things, even when we have the best intentions.  
Maybe you tried, gave up, and are ready for a reboot. 

If either of the last two things happened, don’t get down on yourself. Think about every goal you’ve ever achieved in your life. Was it an easy, straight line from start to success? More likely, it was ups and downs, starts and stops. There were obstacles to overcome. It’s very common to move to a peak, trough, and then rebound; rather than just move linearly. So how did you finally reach your goal?

Assessment. Adjustment. Perseverance.

Wherever you are in your process, take a moment and assess the situation. Where were you successful? Where did you struggle?

It’s likely the process hasn’t been all success or a total bust. It’s useful to assess the bad and the good.

Maybe you made it to the gym every day, but couldn’t get a handle on your eating habits. Or vice versa.

Look first at what you did well. Why were you able to succeed? If you got to the gym every day, why were you able to do that? There may be something in that success that can help you overcome your nutrition struggles.
When you think about the goals you weren’t able to achieve, ask yourself: 

Was the goal achievable? Did you reach a little further than what was realistic for the time frame or the life frame that you provided for yourself?

Was the goal in alignment with your wants and whys?  Did you really want your goal?  Are your “whys” strong enough?  When we make a decision based on a strong why, we own it. 

Once you’ve figured out what went right and what went wrong, make some adjustments. Adjust the time frame, adjust the expected result, adjust the actions. Sometimes a small alteration of your routine can make a big difference in the results.
Finally, just keep going. Yesterday may have been a rough day, but don’t give up. Just get back at it today. Success is a matter of falling down seven times and getting back up eight.

If you need support to get you back on track, come in and talk to us. We can help you make the adjustments necessary to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.