How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Reducing inflammation in the body is a key factor in achieving and maintaining good health. This video from experts at the CHEK Institute explains the causes of inflammation and what we can do about it through diet and movement. Ask your Full Circle trainers if you have any questions.

Many people focus so much on pain that they don’t appreciate how problematic and pervasive inflammation can be.

In reality, inflammation is a warning sign about pretty much all kinds of disease. When you see or feel it, you know something is wrong, especially if you’re experiencing bloating, itches, rashes and swelling.

In this video, CHEK Faculty Member Jo Rushton explains how inflammation happens, which can be partly alleviated just by paying attention to your body and and understanding what it’s really telling you.

“Every one of my clients is dealing with inflammation of one sort or another. I’ve certainly dealt with it and if I’m not staying up with what Paul has taught us, I’ll find myself in the same situation,” Jo says.

Inflammation occurs when the acids and alkalines inside our bodies shift to a point where they become too consistently acidic. When our body is unable to regulate that acidity, the metabolic mechanisms within our detoxification pathways that would neutralize the problem become compromised

Inflammation is essentially toxicity or free radicals in the body that attack the membranes of the cell. “If you held a blow torch over your skin, that’s what inflammation feels like internally, breaking us down at the cellular level, and starts to compromise all cellular functions,” Jo says.

During our conversation, Jo describes some of the key triggers for fiery inflammation and how to reduce it by eating good quality protein and fats, cutting back on processed foods, drinking good clean water and incorporating working-in exercises.

Reprinted from Check Institute.